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Welcome! This is a group for all Metallica fans, old or new! You can Interact with other Metallica fans, get all the latest Metallica news, Parti te in polls and forums, download pictures, mp3s & full albums here!

Group Founder: metalb0y
Description: A group for all you Metallica fans, old or new! Everyone is welcome! *Created By Metalb0y*
Group Type: Public join
Members: 86
Category: Music > Rock & Pop

Topics (21)

go Live (2) dannyps3
Saw metallica live again on the 25th of feb an they was superb again. Really good gig with a excellent set list which included the judas kiss which they had never played live before. Also breadfan an ...

go Least favourite member (5) dannyps3
Out of metallica either past or present

go ...METALLICA... (14) delhikid

go Fav Metallica Track? (17) metalb0y
Metallica have many Classic tracks, some are the best metal songs ever written, but what are your favourite tracks?

go Four Hor VS Mechanix (4) metalb0y
Which song is better The Four Hor or Mechanix? I personally prefer The Four Hor because the lyrics are better (Mechanix lyrics are cheesy) the actual studio recording is better and the music itself ...

go Live DVD soon!... (15) metalb0y
There's been a little chatter here and there about us filming a few shows this summer for potential release on DVD and among the countless internet rumors, these ones are actually true! We thought it ...

go Metallica win Spike TV Award (4) metalb0y
Spike TV, the network for all things guys seem to dig, hosted their Guys Choice Awards in Los Angeles tonight and Lars and Robert were there to collect the ba11siest Band Award . . . there's a first! ...

go FREE Metallica Alb*m Downloads (0) metalb0y's right, All Metallica albums are posted here for FREE under the 'LINKS' section. They Are all in RAR format. The links require no...

go Torture Music (12) obl
Not surprisingly, many musicians arent happy with the United States governments choice to blast rock music at detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay as a form of torture.

go Fav Death Magnetic Track? (7) delhidud WHICH S0NG DO YOU LIKE THE M0ST OFF THIS ALBUM?

go Metallica History (16) metalb0y
Background InformationOrigin: Los Angeles, California, USAGenre(s): Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, Speed MetalYears Active: 1981 PresentLabel(s): Warner Brothers, Elektra, Vertigo, Megaforce, ...

go Metallica Guitar Hero Game (3) metalb0y
Metallica's own Guitar Hero Game will be released 29 March 2009. It will be available on Xbox360 and PlayStation 3. It will also be released on PlayStation 2 later in the year. The game features Track...

go Metallica Tribute Albums (4) kute_lez
I have an old tribute alb*m from the mid 90s and was just listening to it now. It's a compilation of Swedish bands METAL MILITIA - A TRIBUTE TO METALLICA 1. Sarcazm - Motorbreath 2. Luciferion - ...

go REMIX DEATH MAGNETIC! (0) metalb0y
If you are unhappy with Death Magnetics sound (Compressed, Distorted and clipped to death) then sign this petition to appeal for a Remaster or Remix! When a video games sound is better than a CD/LP so...

go LARS COMMENT ON DEATH MAGNETIC (5) metalb0y Here is Lars' comment on Death Magnetic's sound issues... 'There's a lot of the rock generation who have aged and who are now in their...


Photos (24)

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Files (3)

1 Holy revolver riff
2 Death Magnetic Sample
3 Hetfield and Mustaine

Polls (5)

go Do you miss Bob Rock as Producer?
go Which one of The unforgivens do u like more?
go Do You Like Death Magnetic?
go Who's your Favourite bassist that has been in metallica?
go Short and simple, What's your favourite studio metallica album?